The objectives for which the Organization is formed are:-
  • To enhance and improve individuals capacity for self-sustenance.
  • To provide the basic tools and equipment to start up sustainable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • To economically empower women farmers in northern Uganda
  • To promote community based health care, nutrition, water and environmental sanitation among people in communities;
  • To empower the community with essential psycho-social health message as a tool in the promotion of health and eradication of harmful practices including but not limited to drug abuse;
  • To promote the mental Health state of  both vulnerable   rural and urban Ugandan community;
  • To establish and operate technical and vocational training centres to promote self-employment & income generation  of the vulnerable women and youth ;
  • To apply to any International body, Government or Authority and Public Organizations among others for any kind of assistance that may support the vulnerable women and youth in Uganda;
  • To empower the needy women and youth  of the community to participate in income generating activities for socio-economic transformations of their homesteads and;
  • To do all other things that are necessary and expedient for the promotion and fulfillment of these objectives and the intentions of the subscribers to this Constitution.



P.O Box, Gulu

Phone: +256 773 323 263